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Welcome to our testimonials page! Here you will find some of the good things our customers have to say about Geojerry's services and Geothermal Heat Pumps. If you would like to contact any of our testimonial customers, let us know, and we will send you their email addresses.

Bill and Lynn

Bill and Lynn live in Wisconsin. Their home is 2000 square feet with 2000 square feet of basement. Before they built their home, Jerry advised their building contractor about how it should be insulated to get the most out of a geothermal heat pump. Their home is all electric, and they do not supplement their heating with any other type of fuel. They ended up with a very efficient home, as you can see by their electric bills.



"Our experience with GeoJerry has been superb. After investigating local companies that offered geothermal system design and installation, we found a wide variety of experience, opinions and prices. Nobody seemed to completely satisfy what we were looking for at a reasonable price. We then turned to GeoJerry for a more established and experienced company that allowed us to be hands-on and proactive about our purchase and installation. Our geothermal system was received in good order with an excellent manual that included labeled photographs. Customer service was (and continues to be) outstanding. Recently, GeoJerry helped us with all the information we needed to apply for a tax credit and a cash reward from the state's Focus on Energy program. We love our geo system! It keeps us comfortable! The highest energy bill we had last winter was $127 and that included ALL the electricity for our 2000 sq ft home in bitter cold Wisconsin. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend GeoJerry's products and services.

Thank you, GeoJerry!

Bill and Lynn"


Dave lives in New Brunswick, Canada. He has a 3 1/2 ton geothermal heat pump, and it runs at a 3.8 COP, even with 46°F (8°C) ground temperatures.

"Overall I couldn't be any happier with the heat pump. It works like a charm and I am pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive it is to operate. I estimate I saved around $10,000 by purchasing the heat pump through you and installing everything myself.

I wanted to thank you and Jerry for all your diligence in labeling all the internal components and wires in the unit and the manual you put together. You guys really seem to care about your customers!"


Naeem lives in Washington State. He has a 3 ton ClimaDry geothermal heat pump that's currently running with a 5.0 COP (54°F ground temperatures). He took great pictures of his slinky earth loop installation.


Jacob lives in Tennessee. He's got a cooling dominant system, and heard a lot of doubt from neighbors about whether geothermal would work. He installed his system in 2011, and by 2012 he had his answer:

"Thought I'd give you some feedback on our system performance after going through a record-setting warm spell last month [July 2012] where our temperatures were consistently over 100 degrees (as high as 109) for about a week.

I was very pleased with the performance and give you the credit for an excellent design! The highest entering water temperature I observed was 84 degrees at the end of the heat wave. My electric bill remained almost unchanged despite the warm temperatures. I'm attributing this to the reduction in water heating demand due to the contribution of the DSH. (I'm using a unpowered buffer tank.)

So, thank you for your help designing a system that has performed flawlessly! You've also helped save me from eating a healthy serving of crow from all of the folks who doubted the validity of a horizontal ground loop based geothermal system down here in Tennessee where the benefits of a geothermal system are still being debated by the uninformed public.

Trying to convince a friend of mine who is building a home on some land with a continuously flowing spring to let you design an open loop system for him. He has contacted you about this possibility. As of now, I think he's too nervous about it to go this route. It isn't because of my reassurance that it will work, though.

Thanks, again, for a job well done!"


Clint lives in Pennsylvania, and installed his system in 2011. After a year of operation he let us know his thoughts on the whole installation process.

"I have had my geothermal working for about a year. I never had central air and have baseboard electric heaters. I decided to install central air. I had been thinking of geothermal for years and decided to go for it. I made a few calls to different places and didn't feel comfortable with them. I checked out Ebay and found you. I felt comfortable with your knowledge from the first phone call, you were straight forward and seemed very knowledgeable.

I went forward and purchased the unit and installation materials from you. You supplied everything I needed down to the temperature sensor for heat or cold. I installed the unit myself. Dug the trenches with my old back hoe and rented a mini excavator for a weekend. I wired it myself, installed the thermostat, and all the duct work. I had some friends help with the trench digging but my wife and I installed the piping for the closed loop system. I felt most comfortable hiring a plumber to tie the unit in with the closed loop system which was a good move, he made a beautiful and neat installation. I will say that anyone buying this unit will need access to a pick up or trailer to pick everything up from the trucking company and some basic tools.

I figure Im saving about 125 dollars per month with this system and my house has never been so warm in the winter and comfortable in the summer, everytime I walk in I smile and say I love geothermal. You were there to help me measure my house and pick the correct size unit and always there for me to answer a question. I remember one night in the winter that the unit stopped working. It was 10 pm and you were very patient leading me through diagnosis. It was a broken wire on one of my crimps from the thermostat to the unit. I don't consider myself anything special but between you and the complete installation manual I was able to figure it all out.

I want to give you a special thanks for all your help and advice, you were and are still very much there after the sale."


Ross has a repair shop in Wisconsin. Before he bought a geothermal heat pump, he heated it with a propane-fired forced-air furnace. We sold him a 4-ton geothermal heat pump system for the repair shop (and one for his house).

After installing his shop's geothermal heat pump system, Ross called Jerry with some questions about the hot water generator in his home geothermal heat pump.

After they talked about the hot water generator he said, "By the way, remember that I told you I spent $1800.00 a year for propane to heat my shop? It only cost me $180.00 last year to heat it with the geothermal heat pump. I couldn't believe it, and I thought my electric meter was bad, so I called the utility company, they changed my meter, and it didn't change a thing. After the second year of these low electric bills I had to accept the fact that the geothermal heat pump is just that efficient."

When Ross was using the propane furnace, he kept the shop at 45°F unless he was working in it. With the geothermal heat pump, it is always kept at 62°F. Also, Ross didn't have any air conditioning in the repair shop before he installed the geothermal heat pump, and now he has both heating and cooling for 1/10th of what he was paying to just heat before.


John lives in Michigan, and goes through some heavy cold in the winter. He put in his system in 2013, and his geothermal has no trouble beating the cold:

"I don't know if you remember me but I had you engineer my geothermal heating/cooling system. I am totally amazed with the system you designed for me. Let me give you some history so you will know where I am coming from. One of the guys that I work with had a geothermal system install by a local company and that was where I got the idea to replace my oil furnace with geothermal. The guy at work was telling me that his system works to about 7 degrees F, and then he has a propane furnace to back up the geothermal. I was thinking if I install a geothermal system that it would probably be about the same 7 degrees, but I was planning to install a wood burner for those cold Michigan nights. I was thinking the geothermal would save me a lot of money over my old oil system on the days that stayed above 7 degrees.

The first winter when I fired up the geothermal system and I did not have any back up heat and the outside temps got down to -2 degrees. I can remember being shocked that the geothermal system was able to keep my house at 72 degrees when the outside temps were -2 degrees. Although -2 degrees is mild for January/February weather where I live, but it was a mild year. Now fast forward to this year, I still have not installed a wood burner for back up heat, and we are having a cold winter. In fact in December I was seeing -12 degrees and the house was still 72 degrees inside. And what totally amazed me is now that it is January, I got up the other morning and looked at my thermometer and it said the outside temp was -17.5 degrees, but the inside temp was still a comfortable 72 degrees.

I just wanted to send you an email to thank you for the work you did designing my system and I think it was well worth the money to have a system that works better than a system that was commercially installed. And I put my system in for almost half of what the guy that I work with paid."

John sent us a graph of a year of electric usage. He no longer has to buy oil, and his electric bill has only raised up by this much: