Purchase Our Geothermal Heat Pump Manual J Sizing Service

The Geothermal Manual J Sizing Service includes the following:

  • Manual J heating and cooling load calculations for your home (read about the importance of a Manual J calculation for sizing a geothermal heat pump)

  • Links to online sellers of geothermal equipment, or help selecting the right models and options from other manufacturers, if you have local distributors who will sell to you

  • Circuit and thermostat wiring schematics for your heat pump, including backup heat

  • Hot water generator (desuperheater) hookup drawings and instructions

  • Installations instructions for the heat pump

  • Email and phone support (10-6 M-F, Noon-5 Sat Eastern, exc. Fed holidays) during your heat pump install

We'll need the following information to complete a Manual J calculation for your home:

  1. Your zip code.

  2. Which direction your front door faces (N, S, E, W, NE, etc.).

  3. Dimensioned floor plans for each floor you'd like to heat or cool. They don't have to be to scale, but all exterior walls should have measurements.

  4. Mark any areas that will not be heated or cooled by the geothermal. For forced air systems, that means not having registers blowing air into the room.

  5. The ceiling heights for each room or floor, and whether they are flat or vaulted. Vaulted areas should have the height of the side wall, and the height of the peak marked.

  6. Window (or glass door) location, size, U-value, and SHGC. If you don't know the U-value and SHGC for older windows, let us know what material the frames are built out of (wood, vinyl, metal with or without break), number of panes, and whether they have a low-e coating.

  7. Door location, size, and material (wood, insulated metal, etc.).

  8. For existing homes, the year built, and year of any extensive insulation or window renovations. For new homes, the type of insulation (fiberglass, spray foam), number of fireplaces, and HRV or ERV percent efficiency.

  9. Number of bedrooms.

  10. The r-value, or type and inches, of wall insulation.

  11. The r-value, or type and inches, of ceiling insulation.

  12. The type of floor (over basement, slab-on-grade, basement slab) and the r-value, or type and inches, of insulation under the floor.

  13. For a ducted home, where your ducts are installed, how much insulation is on them, and how well they're sealed.

If you have a plan set, you can email it to us.

The Manual J Sizing Service is priced based on the square footage of your home:

Up to 2,000 Square Feet: $550.00 USD

2,001 Square Feet to 3,000 Square Feet: $715.00 USD

3,001 Square Feet to 4,000 Square Feet: $880.00 USD

4,001 Square Feet to 5,000 Square Feet: $1,045.00 USD

5,001 Square Feet to 6,000 Square Feet: $1,210.00 USD

6,001 Square Feet to 7,000 Square Feet: $1,375.00 USD

We'll use the information provided by you to calculate the Manual J heat loss and heat gain calculation for your home. The results are contingent on the information you provide, and its accuracy.

Send us your drawings and information, and we'll send you an invoice for the calculations. Contact us below or by emailing Jacquie at our domain name with any questions. Please check your spam folder if you don't find a reply from us within 5 days - some of our replies are ending up there.